Bourne Security Ltd

Check in on your home or loved ones anytime, anywhere​

Even when your checking out.  


Our NVR's offer a range of storage sizes to catch every event. Connect your smart device and view live from anywhere in the world to give you peace of mind.


Watching a horror? 

It might be a good time to download the CCTV app to your pad. Use your pad as your cctv monitor.

Day & Night

A quality system should give you good day and night footage. Check that your installer is getting the right camera for your property.


All systems do vary in installation costs depending on cable runs. The average cost for 4 x Dome cameras and 1x 1TB NVR installed from £699. 

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Accept nothing but the best.

You don't have to drive far to find a very bad CCTV installation. A good installation has no cables showing. Do not accept a bad job from a professional. CCTV prices may seem high but a good installed CCTV system should last 10yrs. All our installations are guaranteed.


CCTV has been around for a while in the commercial market but due to the recent change in society it is now a regular product to protect any property. The technology has changed in many ways with IP cameras powered by POE and NVR's giving the end user vision from anywhere in the world of their business or home. The image quality has improved greatly with day and night cameras. Now is a great time to update or install a system with Bourne Security. We design, install and service HD CCTV to a high standard. All Systems are bespoke to your needs. Contact us now for a free quote or advice.