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Professional bespoke security equipment fitted by professionals for the professional. A lot of thought and time is spent on our homes so its only right the security system compliments the property.

Benefit from a Bourne Security System 

Why join the club?

We only use the latest professional security equipment. 

We only use the best looking equipment for your property.

We utilise wired and wireless  mesh technology .

Each system is bespoke to each property and fitted by only high quality professionals all DBS checked.

Our systems are designed to last at least 10 years.

Earliest of alerts, our systems will activate as soon as a intruder is  trying to get into the property . Not when they have got in. 

Be in control at all times  set, unset, view and monitor with the smart app.

Consultations are with engineers not high pressure saleman.

Guarantee on all installations and products.

No longterm contracts.

Become a gold member and get a lifetime guarantee.

Systems packages start from £499.99

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Most burglaries happen daytime

Most people think that its night time but it is actually between 10am - 3pm and this is because most people are out at work reducing the chance of the burglar getting caught.

Most burglars are not after possessions

The days of the TV's and sound systems being taken are gone. Burglars now want car keys, laptops, passports and personal data to sell.

47% are "spur of the moment"

47% of burglars admitted to having no plan before the offence. Make sure they don't see your property as 'easy'.


Only 14 arrests are made for every 100 burglaries. This shocking static from the BBC  highlights how hard it is to catch and convict these people. Many burglars get a way with their crimes for years. The 'Wimbledon Prowler' is an fine example.


Most of these burglaries happen in under 10 mins. With 28% of these crimes believed to have happen while someone was in. Be alert at all times. Set the perimeter and monitor your windows and doors.


If you have any security issues we can help. We have a range of solutions we can talk about during your consultation. We offer simple solutions like doorbells but alway have the knowledge to deliver hi tech security products like fog machines. No matter the challenge the club will find the solution.   

Our systems are one of the best on the market at a very competitive price. We can fit the system quick and cleanly  with one of the best wireless technology on the market. We offer ongoing support and maintenance 24/7. We have the experts to design and install your perfect system. We use micro wireless shock detectors on the windows and doors to alert you at the first stage of an intrusion. These are great to set in the evening so everyone can move around the home while the perimeter is set. With the new smart key to set and unset the system operating the system has never been so easy. Also with this technology no more ugly keypads in your hallway. 

We can add CCTV, smoke detection, CO2 detection and automation to the system at a very small cost. Set recipes on your app and programme the time you want your lights on, or program the hall lamp to come on if someone opens the door at certain times. 

Our top product is our Valley Fog machine. Once the system is set active by automatic or manual means the area will fill with thick fog and the intruder will be flushed out, intruders cannot attack or take what they can't see.


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